LED Ring Stainless Steel Cup Holder
LED Ring Stainless Steel Cup Holder

LED Ring Stainless Steel Cup Holder


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Elevate Your Boating Experience with our Stunning Marine RGBW Cup Holder

Enhance the ambiance of your marine environment with this beautiful cup holder, thoughtfully designed for discerning boat owners. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it not only withstands the challenges of the marine environment but also offers remarkable versatility with its RGBW color-changing capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Marine-Grade Stainless Steel: This cup holder is expertly constructed with stainless steel, ensuring it thrives in the demanding conditions of marine environments. It's built to last and maintain its luster, even in saltwater surroundings.

  2. Vivid RGBW Color Combinations: Transform your boat's atmosphere with dynamic RGBW color combinations. If your boat is wire with an existing controller you can use it to easily switch between various colors or if you don't have a controller this can be wired individually for specific RGBW hues. 

  3. Dazzling Illumination: The durable stainless steel housing allows this cup holder to project captivating color patterns from the base up through the rim lens. Create an unforgettable ambiance on your boat with its radiant glow.

Color Options:

  • Lit base options include blue, red, green, 3000K warm white, 6300K cool white, or VersiColor RGB, allowing you to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Wiring info is listed below.

Versatile Wiring Options:

  • Use it with a RGBW controller for traditional RGBW use or wire it individually for red, blue, green, or white lighting, giving you ultimate control over your boat's lighting setup.
  • Replacement Boat Parts will not be able to provide any support for obtaining or installing RGBW controllers. We recommend if a controller is not already installed on your boat that the cup holder is wired for single light viewing (Red, Blue, Green or White). If you want to install a RBGW controller we recommend you contact an electrician familiar with marine electrical systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 13.6 VDC
  • Wattage: Single Color 1.2W / RGB 3.7W
  • Current: Single Color 0.09A / RGB(W) 0.27A

Wiring Info:

  • Replacement Boat Parts always recommends enlisting the services of an experience electrician with marine experience for electrical work on your boat. The cup holders come with one white wire and multiple black wires. Each black wire will have a strip with the corresponding color on it (red strip for red LED, green strip for green LED, etc...). For single color use, connect your white lead and the the corresponding black lead to your DC power source for the desired color. If you connect the white and black leads to your electrical system but the LED does not illuminate, try to swap the white and black leads. If you are using the cup holder for a true RBGW then you will need a RBGW controller and the cup holder needs to be wired in accordance with the RBGW controllers instructions. Replacement boat part does not stock RGBW controllers, nor will we source controllers. We highly recommend enlisting an experienced electrician that works on marine electrical systems for RBGW installations. 

Elevate your boating experience and set the perfect mood with our Marine RGBW Cup Holder. Crafted with marine-grade stainless steel, versatile lighting options, and dazzling color combinations, this cup holder is a must-have for boat enthusiasts who seek both style and functionality.

Transform your boat's atmosphere and make every journey a memorable one. Order your Marine RGBW Cup Holder today and cruise in style with the perfect lighting companion!

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