Stainless steel surface mount scupper, adhesive mount
Stainless steel surface mount scupper, adhesive mount
Stainless steel surface mount scupper, adhesive mount

Stainless steel surface mount scupper, adhesive mount

Seaw 1048

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This innovative scupper flapper assembly is a great way to dress up your boat and keep your feet dry!  Beautiful polished stainless trim ring and flapper enhance the looks of your boat and work better than old rubber flapper scuppers.  No mounting screws gives it an even cleaner, sleeker look!  It is a direct replacement scupper for most boats that currently have the standard round plastic frame scupper with a rubber flapper.

For decades, scuppers have been a constant source of misery for many boaters as they rarely work as intended—most boaters have experienced wet feet or had to clean debris from a clogged scupper.  By evaluating various rubber flapper scuppers we quickly realized that they all leaked—a lot. We found that the problem with a rubber flapper is that the rubber tends to have a memory—the flapper tends to return to its relaxed position which is slightly open. It therefore must be bent in order to fully open or close. Most of the time, the force of water isn’t adequate enough to accomplish this. This is why even new rubber flapper scuppers will leak and clog easily.

By using a hinged door and stationary silicone seal on our scupper, we have overcome this issue. Since the door is hinged, it required very little force to open or close and there is no “memory”. This means water and debris can flow freely out of the boat without having to push a rubber flapper out of the way. Additionally, water trying to flow into the boat is quickly stopped by the hinged door. Because our silicone seal is stationary and does not need to act as a flapper, we are able to use a lower durometer to ensure a water tight seal.

It has a 1.625” thru hole which is larger than the common plastic frame version which have a 1.375” thru hole. This means ours will fit over standard flared brass drain tubes (usually a 1.5” flare).  The 1.625” thru hole and free swinging door also allows for quicker deck drainage.

This scupper is welded into one piece and comes with the 3M VHB adhesive mounted on the back.  3M VHB tape must be mounted on a clean flat surface. Acceptable surfaces include epoxy paint, gelcoat, and aluminum.
Complete installation instructions included.

Flange outside diameter - 3.12"
Flange insdie diameter - 1.625"

Transom mount only.  Scuppers must be mounted above the waterline or paired with a drainage system that is above the waterline.

Want the same scupper mounted with screws?  CLICK HERE for #Seaw 1047!

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