Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill

Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill


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Description: The Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill is a versatile solution frequently used to ventilate ice makers and refrigerators, commonly found in boat cockpits. It features seven horizontal vent openings protected by louvers, designed to prevent water ingress while ensuring efficient airflow. This grill can be installed using adhesive or screws, offering flexibility in mounting options. The front of the flange is smooth with no pre-drilled holes, while the backside features six recesses for drilling out mounting holes as needed. Originally custom-molded for specific boat builders like Sea Ray, it may display different names on the flange, ensuring compatibility with specific models.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: Ideal for ventilating ice makers and refrigerators in boat cockpits.
  • Louvered Design: Seven horizontal vent openings with water-resistant louvers.
  • Installation Options: Can be glued or screwed into place.
  • Customizable Mounting: Smooth front flange with no holes; backside features six recesses for drilling mounting holes.
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall Flange Length: 9-7/8 inches
    • Overall Flange Height: 4-1/4 inches
    • Tailpiece Overall Length: 9 inches
    • Tailpiece Overall Height: 3-5/16 inches
    • Tailpiece Depth: 1/2 inch
  • Custom-Molded: Originally designed for specific builders like Sea Ray, ensuring precise fit and compatibility.

 Enhance ventilation efficiency in your boat's cockpit with the Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill, designed for durability and optimal airflow. Its louvered openings protect against water infiltration, making it suitable for marine environments. Whether you're installing or replacing a vent grill, its versatile mounting options and custom-molded design ensure a secure fit and reliable performance. Perfect for various boat models, this grill provides a sleek and functional addition to your marine appliances.

Ensure efficient ventilation for your boat's ice makers and refrigerators—order now and experience the benefits of the Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill

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