Beige domed vent grill for 4" hose
Beige domed vent grill for 4" hose
Beige domed vent grill for 4" hose

Beige domed vent grill for 4" hose


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Enhance Your Boat's Aesthetics and Ventilation with Innovative Design

Introducing our Beige Domed Plastic Boat Vent – the perfect blend of style and functionality for your marine needs. This vent is designed to not only improve airflow but also enhance your boat's appearance with a domed design. Its beige color is carefully selected to harmonize with various builders' gel coat colors. Plus, the patented hose attachment system simplifies installation, eliminating the need for clamps or fasteners.

Key Features:

  1. Stylish Domed Design: The domed design doesn't just improve airflow; it adds an attractive touch to your boat's exterior. Say goodbye to flat and unattractive vent grills and embrace the elegance of domed styling.

  2. Perfect Color Match: The beige color of this vent is chosen to blend seamlessly with multiple builders' gel coat colors. Achieve a harmonious and coordinated appearance that complements your boat's unique style.

  3. Patented Hose Attachment System: Our innovative patented hose attachment system securely holds a 4" blower hose without the need for clamps or fasteners. Enjoy a clean and streamlined look for your boat's ventilation.

  4. Efficient Ventilation: This domed grill offers 7.33 square inches of ventilation, ensuring your boat remains well-ventilated, even in challenging conditions.

Effortless Installation:

To install, simply cut a 4.25" hole, pull the blower hose through, thread it onto the patented clamping fingers, and snap the grill in place. No more dealing with fasteners or hose clamps for your vent grill.


  • Overall dimensions: 4.5" in diameter, with a 1.25" long tailpiece for a secure and straightforward installation.

Replace and Enhance:

It's time to retire those old, cracked, and flat vent grills. Our Beige Domed Plastic Boat Vent not only offers a stylish replacement but also incorporates innovative features that elevate your boat's aesthetics and ventilation.

Upgrade your boat's appearance and ventilation with a touch of innovation and style. Order your Beige Domed Plastic Boat Vent today and experience the perfect blend of form and function without the hassle of clamps and fasteners.

Beige domed blower vent grill
We also have the white and stainless steel versions of this grill available.

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