1-2"HB x 1-2"HB x 1-2"HB Tee fitting

1-2"HB x 1-2"HB x 1-2"HB Tee fitting


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Marine-Grade Tee Fitting for Reliable Hose Connections

Enhance your boat's plumbing system with this marine-grade Tee fitting, designed for reliable and secure hose connections. Molded from high-impact marine-grade nylon, this Tee fitting ensures durability and longevity in the harsh marine environment. With true 1/2" hose barbs on all three sides, this fitting accommodates marine sanitation hoses without the need for excessive force during installation. Upgrade your boat's plumbing with a fitting that prioritizes ease of use, reliability, and performance.

Key Features:

  • Marine-Grade Construction: Molded in high-impact marine-grade nylon, this Tee fitting is built to withstand the challenges of marine conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • True 1/2" Hose Barbs: All three sides of the Tee feature true 1/2" hose barbs, providing compatibility with marine sanitation hoses. The design eliminates the need to heat the hose for installation, simplifying the process.

  • Double Clamp Room: Ample room on the barbs allows for double clamping of the hose, enhancing the security of hose connections for added peace of mind.

  • Made in the USA: Proudly manufactured in the USA, this Tee fitting adheres to high-quality standards, meeting the specific demands of marine applications.


  • Type: Tee Fitting
  • Hose Barb Size: 1/2" (True)
  • Overall Length: 3"
  • Overall Height: 1-1/2"

Versatile Marine Application:

This marine-grade Tee fitting is versatile and suitable for various marine plumbing applications. Whether you're upgrading existing fittings, performing maintenance, or incorporating them into a new boat build, this Tee fitting delivers reliability and ease of use.

Elevate Your Boat's Plumbing with Premium Quality:

Upgrade your boat's plumbing system with this high-quality Tee fitting. Its marine-grade construction, thoughtful design, and precise manufacturing make it an excellent choice for boat owners, builders, and maintenance professionals who prioritize durability, reliability, and performance in marine environments. Ensure a robust and long-lasting plumbing system for your boat with premium fittings.


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